Translation of the text on the website | Vertaling van de tekst op de website

I mainly use Google translate for the translation. Sorry if it wasn't translated properly.

Voor de vertaling maak ik voornamelijk gebruik van Google translate. Excuus als het soms niet goed is vertaald.


New luxury dawns,
Time's embrace, reuse unfolds,
Elegance reborn.


Circular cycles,
Time's embrace, infinite loop,
Reuse breathes anew.


Time's circular,
Reuse, a timeless concept,


In realms of imagination, let us roam,

Where dreams weave tales of hope and endless scope.

In this verse, a vision finds its perfect home,

Where concepts merge and find harmonious hope.


Behold the circular dance of time's embrace,

Reuse, the key to treasures yet unseen.

Cradle to cradle, in its rightful place,

The world transformed, by nature's gentle sheen.


For love shall guide us toward a better Earth,

Where usefulness reigns in all that we create.

Repair the broken, give worn items rebirth,

Second hand goods with stories radiate.


Imagine, then, a world where love prevails,

With every act, the planet's health we hail.