ModernVintageAntique sells beautiful antique, vintage, and modern second-hand clothing, accessories, and jewelry. We also create new jewelry from used luxury materials and/or repair jewelry and clothing so that they can be worn again."

Many beautiful materials are lost by throwing them away too quickly. If materials are already available, it is important to use them until they are exhausted. Materials can often be reused multiple times.

In this way, little or nothing needs to be thrown away.

This is how unique and valuable (luxury) jewelry is created. No one will wear the same piece of jewelry. This way, you can present yourself as a unique person through your own taste, instead of following the fast and fleeting trend.

We try to provide as much information as possible with each product. Origin, material, age, etc.

We also sell antique and vintage materials such as fabric, jewelry components, and other hardware for repairing and/or making clothing, jewelry, and other accessories. For example, antique beads, simple silver chains, antique feathers, and similar items.